Basic parameters of HF Welding Machine
Xinyu High Frequency Induction Heating Model XY-15KW-A-Body XY-15KW-B-Body XY-15KW-A- Body XY-25KW-B-Body
High-frequency induction input voltage Single-phase 220V50-60HZ Single-phase 220V50-60HZ Three-phase 220V50-60HZ Three-phase 220V50-60HZ
Output oscillation power 15KVA 15KVA 25KVA 25KVA
Duty ratio 80% 30 ° C 80% 30 ° C 80% 30 ° C 80% 30 ° C
Overall dimensions 1000x750x1750mm
Weight 230KG 230KG 250KG 250KG
Wire connection length 5 m
Fit range

1, Carbide tool welding. Such as turning, milling cutter twist drill hot, pliers, hammers, wrenches, wire cutters, etc .; 2, diamond blade welding, such as diamond saw blade welding, abrasive, sawtooth welding. 3, mining with the drill bit welding, such as a sub-drill, drill claw welding. 4, brass, copper, stainless steel pot and other metal materials, composite welding. Car and motorcycle parts heat treatment, the standard pieces of hot pier, nut heat pier, copper standard heating,
Key Benefits

2, energy saving, welding process, does not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, as is the use of electricity, compared with acetylene, gasoline (gasoline, gasoline, etc.), the use of high-temperature, , Oxygen, LPG and other gases, greatly reduce the cost of saving at least tens of thousands of dollars per month. 3, the cost of high and low efficiency: the traditional brazing welding temperature is low, high heat radiation, welding costs are high, there is the risk of explosion. Plasma brazing machine can control the temperature of the flame,
HF Welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, high stability, acetylene welding speed is more than twice. Sustainable welding twelve hours. 4, easy to carry: the weight of the host is only a few kilograms, the volume is also small, do not need acetylene bottles, oxygen bottles, very suitable for outdoor or harsh environmental conditions.